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Hi, I’m Scott. I work alongside the bright folks at Filament Group building websites and applications for clients such as Vineyard Vines, The Boston Globe, LEGO, Global News, and consulting on performance and accessibility. In 2020, I created the Lightning-Fast Web Performance online course, and I'm the author of Responsible Responsive Design and co-author of Designing with Progressive Enhancement. I’m an active partipant in the web design and open source community, frequently presenting at conferences like An Event Apart, Smashing Conf, creating and maintaining open source projects, and regularly blogging about accessible, sustainable, and performant practices for cross-device development.

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New! Online Course.

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Lightning-Fast Web Performance

An online lecture course by Scott Jehl

Learn to analyze site performance, fix issues, monitor for regressions, and deliver fast, responsive designs from the start. More...


  • Responsible Responsive Design

    Responsible Responsive Design. A Book Apart, 2014

  • Designing with Progressive Enhancement

    Designing with Progressive Enhancement. Peachpit/New Riders, 2010

Recent Conference Presentations

Speaking at An Event Apart Online / April 19, 2021 Speaking at An Event Apart Washington DC / April 13-20

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