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Hi, I’m Scott. I work alongside the bright folks at Filament Group building websites and applications for clients such as the Boston Globe, LEGO, Global News, eBay, and more. In 2020, I produced the online course Lightning-Fast Web Performance, and in 2014 I wrote Responsible Responsive Design. Also, back in 2010 I cowrote Designing with Progressive Enhancement. I regularly speak at conferences like An Event Apart, Smashing Conf, and Performance.Now(). I’m an active participant in the open-source community, maintaining projects that focus on accessible, sustainable, and performant practices for cross-device development.

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New! Online Course.

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Lightning-Fast Web Performance

An online lecture course by Scott Jehl

Learn to analyze site performance, fix issues, monitor for regressions, and deliver fast, responsive designs from the start. More...


  • Responsible Responsive Design

    Responsible Responsive Design. A Book Apart, 2014

  • Designing with Progressive Enhancement

    Designing with Progressive Enhancement. Peachpit/New Riders, 2010

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Speaking at An Event Apart Washington DC / April 13-20

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