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Hi! I’m Scott Jehl. For over two decades, I’ve worked at the intersection of creative design and front-end technology, leading design and development projects for some of the Web’s most iconic brands. As a recognized industry leader who designs with both accessibility and performance in mind, I care about creating compelling digital experiences that can be delivered to the broadest possible audience, and I enjoy writing and speaking for various publications and conferences around the world.

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WebPageTest is considered the gold standard in web performance testing. As Senior Experience Engineer on the WebPageTest team at Catchpoint, I led the design and implementation of innovative, first-to-market products like WebPageTest Pro Experiments and Carbon Control.

Experience design... experience. Throughout my career, I’ve worked on projects of all sizes, from enterprise-scale web applications to early-stage startups. In addition to my work as an independent designer, I spent nearly 15 years working with the bright folks at Filament Group.

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Online Course

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Lightning-Fast Web Performance

An online lecture course by Scott Jehl

Learn to analyze site performance, fix issues, monitor for regressions, and deliver fast, responsive designs from the start. Acquired by Catchpoint in 2022.

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I have delivered nearly 50 talks and workshops around the world at some of the most widely-respected conferences in my field, such as An Event Apart (10 appearances), Smashing Conf (3 appearances), CSSConf, Fronteers, WebExpo, and Web Directions.  If you’re organizing an event and are looking for a speaker, please reach out!

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