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Hi, I’m Scott. For nearly two decades, I’ve worked at the intersection of creative design and front-end technology, leading design and development projects for some of the Web’s most iconic brands. As a recognized industry leader who designs with both accessibility and performance in mind, I care about creating compelling digital experiences that can be delivered to the broadest possible audience, and I enjoy writing and speaking about web practices for various publications and conferences around the world.

These days, I work as a Senior Experience Engineer on the WebPageTest team at Catchpoint, and prior to that I worked with the bright folks at Filament Group. Thanks for stopping by!

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Lightning-Fast Web Performance

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Learn to analyze site performance, fix issues, monitor for regressions, and deliver fast, responsive designs from the start. More...


  • Responsible Responsive Design

    Responsible Responsive Design. A Book Apart, 2014

  • Designing with Progressive Enhancement

    Designing with Progressive Enhancement. Peachpit/New Riders, 2010

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WebExpo Conference April 19-21,2023: Experimenting with Performance at the Edge Speaking at An Event Apart Online / April 19, 2021 Speaking at An Event Apart Washington DC / April 13-20

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