Lightning-Fast Web Performance

An online lecture course by Scott Jehl

Learn to analyze site performance, fix issues, monitor for regressions, and deliver fast, responsive designs from the start.

Quick course introduction

What You’ll Learn

In this lecture series, you'll gain a well-rounded understanding of front-end web performance that'll empower you to deliver sites quickly and reliably.

Course Curriculum

This course consists of a series of video lectures that combine screencasts and narrated slides. A PDF is included with each video for links to resources mentioned within.

  1. Welcome (02:26 mins)
  2. Why Performance Matters (16:14 mins)
  3. Metrics! How do we define fast? (25:56 mins)
  4. Identifying Performance Problems (48:33 mins)
  5. Making Things Faster
    1. Optimizing Files (27:25 mins)
    2. Initial bytes (09:42 mins)
    3. Initial Paints (26:59 mins)
    4. Meaningful Paints (45:36 mins)
    5. Getting Interactive (14:32 mins)
    6. Optimizing for Returning Visits (21:30 mins)
  6. Wrapping up (01:52 mins)

See what you'll get

These clips are taken from various points throughout the lecture series and illustrate the style of presentation you can expect to see throughout.

...from 3. Metrics

...from 4. Identifying Problems

...from 2. Why Performance Matters

...from 4. Making Things Faster

Is This For Me?

This lecture series is designed to cover performance holistically, starting with the basics and continuing to touch on points both technical and not. The course does not assume any knowledge of performance concepts, but it is aimed at Front-End Developers and UI/UX designers who are comfortable writing HTML, CSS, and have a basic knowledge of JavaScript.

If you're a designer or developer looking to gain a better understanding of how your decisions and company culture impacts your ability to deliver quickly and resiliently, this is the course for you.

Topics Covered

  • Convincing stakeholders to prioritize performance
  • Measuring and benchmarking perceived performance
  • Understanding the web page loading process
  • Identifying server-level performance hangups
  • Knowing how and when file size matters
  • Evaluating patterns for loading CSS, JavaScript, Images, SVG, and Fonts
  • Optimizing the critical path to perceived performance
  • Helpful Tools and libraries
  • HTTP/2 and its helpful additions
  • Content Delivery Networks and edge cache transformations
  • Enhancing a user interface optimistically, yet safely
  • Client-side caching strategies
  • Retaining performance after page load
  • Service Workers for spotty or offline connectivity
  • Monitoring, maintaining, and defending a fast site as it evolves
  • Making existing sites faster and more resilient

About Your Host

Scott Jehl, author of Responsible Responsive Design

headshot of Scott

Scott Jehl is a Senior Experience Engineer at WebPageTest (by Catchpoint) who lives in New York City. Scott is a tireless advocate of practices that ensure web access for all. He is a frequent presenter at conferences throughout the world.

Scott is the author of Responsible Responsive Design (2014, A Book Apart), and co-author of Designing with Progressive Enhancement (2010, New Riders). Scott also loves to surf.

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